Kentucky resort parks serve up authentic, regional eats along the state’s culinary trail


As the server set my main luncheon course before me, I had to resist the urge to wrinkle my nose in distaste. After all, I thought of goetta the same way I thought of haggis, Rocky Mountain oysters and eel pie — all food items I would gladly pass on.

I had tried goetta once before and didn’t like it. However, since I was here specifically for the purpose of eating it, I bravely picked up my fork and cut off a piece. Expecting the worst, I found instead that it was quite delicious — nothing like the tasteless blob of meat I had tried before. I kept cutting off pieces until, to my surprise, the goetta was gone.

To those who may not be familiar with goetta, it’s a meat and grain sausage, composed mainly of meat, pork, peppers, onions, pin oats and spices, and cooked for several hours. It’s a common dish in Cincinnati, thanks to the city’s German heritage, and by extension, across the Ohio River in northern Kentucky as well.

So, you might ask what is a German dish that many in the Commonwealth of Kentucky have never heard of — let alone eaten — doing on the menu at a Kentucky State Resort Park?

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