Kentucky man makes his own green light using an Ale-8 bottle


Updated: 1:02 PM EDT Apr 27, 2020

The notion of Team Kentucky is alive and well in the state, something Gov. Andy Beshear has hammered in since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the state.

Since the first deaths of Kentuckians, Beshear has asked the community to turn on a green light in their honor as a show of compassion.


Well if you didn’t already have a green light, you may have had to resort to using what you already have.

That’s what Joseph Caliem Hardin did. In fact, he got creative and made maybe the most Kentucky version of the green light we’ve seen.

Hardin said he used the iconic (at least to Kentucky) Ale-8-One green bottle to change the color of his light.

Here’s how he did it: He cut the bottle using string and then hot glued an LED lightbulb into the bottle. Hardin said since the LED bulb produces little to no heat, it should be safe to leave on for long periods.

Both Hardin and WLKY urge using caution when making your own light bulb covering.