‘Winchester’s living room’ revamps, reopens with new owners, new pizzas, same comfort


Chad T. Walker and his wife, Jill, have a combination of affection and memories tied up in their new downtown Winchester dining spot, The Engine House Pub and Pizza Parlour.

Jill worked at the location as a server in high school and college. And being the site of Winchester’s longest-running restaurant, the 135-year-old property and former firehouse has a special place in each of their hearts.

When the couple purchased the property in Jan. 2020, they found out other people felt the same way.

“People are coming in saying, ‘when I was 12 years old and I ate in that back booth,’” Chad said. “It’s funny how many people come in. It’s like a ‘Field of Dreams’ scenario.”

When the Walkers think back, they remember the restaurant most fondly when it was the Engine House Deli, owned by Bob Tabor. The restaurant has been through several owners and incarnations in its history as a go-to eating spot, eventually switching to pizza but never switching off its charm with diners.

“It was kind of a passion project and we didn’t want to see it torn down or turned into a law firm or something,” said Chad, who also works in real estate with his wife.

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