Buy This: Three Southern sodas you need to try


  • C.W. Cameron

Is it our hot and humid summers that make the South a place that loves its soda? Whether you drink it straight from the bottle or over ice, we’ve got three Southern sodas we think you should try. 

Ale-8 from Ale-8-One Bottling Company 

The folks at Winchester, Kentucky’s Ale-8-One have been bottling soda since 1902. The story is that founder G. L. Wainscott was fascinated by a carbonation machine he saw on a train. Inspired, he began bottling carbonated beverages and created a soda recipe he took to the 1926 Clark County fair. A slogan contest there led to the name which can be read “A Late One” meaning “the latest thing.” The company now makes two flavors, the original Ale-8-One, cherry Ale-8, and zero sugar versions of each. We sampled the original flavor made with ginger and citrus. It’s a light combination of flavors, and it’s lightly carbonated. The combination makes it eminently drinkable. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all our testers. We think it’s a soda that will appeal to everyone from the kids to their grandparents.