Winchester’s Beer Cheese Festival

The Annual Beer Cheese Festival held in beautiful, historic downtown Winchester, Kentucky is the ONE and ONLY festival in the world dedicated to the celebration of beer cheese!

So, what happens at the Beer Cheese Festival? Well, obviously there are lots and lots of beer cheese. And that’s a good thing!

Dare you ask “What is Beer Cheese?” Well, in case you’ve never heard of it or tasted it… Beer cheese is a cheese spread that is predominantly found in Kentucky. Even though there are various recipes throughout Kentucky, most commonly it is a spicy, smooth concoction that was originally created with the intent of making customers more thirsty — therefore buying more beer. Great for local bar owners! You can eat it with crackers, put it on burgers, use it in soups, etc. The possibilities are endless, but the most common uses are served as a dip with pretzels, celery, carrots, etc. Beer cheese is usually made with cheddar cheese, spices, and beer. It can vary from very mild to spicy hot.

So, there you have it. Beer Cheese 101. Now, come join us on Saturday, June 8, 2024 on Main Street in Winchester, Kentucky. In addition to many delicious Beer Cheese samples from local vendors, there’ll be music, games, food, and fun for the entire family.

There’ll also be downtown events the night before the Festival on Friday’s “Rock the Block” event on June 7, so come stay the entire weekend with us. Click here to book your hotel stay now!

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