Embark upon any of these fascinating excursions by picking up a brochure at the Winchester-Clark County Tourism Commission or downloading a copy here.

Cell Phone Tours

Winchester was the first community in Kentucky to establish cell phone tours. Dial into our heritage and unique architecture with a guided cell phone tour of historic downtown Winchester and the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro.  Dial 859-592-9166 to begin your tour.

Downtown Walking Tour

Explore Winchester’s past with a cell phone tours of historic downtown Winchester – listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Download the Historic Downtown Winchester Tour guide.

Beer Cheese Trail

Follow the Beer Cheese Trail.

Civil War Fort at Boonesboro

Explore the site where the Union army constructed an earthwork fort to defend the ferry at Boonesboro and deter Confederate raiders. A scenic trail provides beautiful views of the Kentucky River.

Download the Civil War Fort Tour guide.

Civil War Driving Tour

Travel Clark County’s scenic byways and back roads to significant Civil War locations: historic fortifications, homes, cemeteries, buildings, and other sites. Learn the story of the Hanson brothers and how three of them came to wear the Blue, while two wore the Gray.

Download the Civil War Driving Tour guide.

Kentucky River Blue Water Trail Guide of Clark County

Our guide lists historic sites, notable landmarks and important facilities on both sides of the river in Clark and Madison Counties.  This tour will assist boaters, bicyclists and sightseers in learning more about the river from prehistoric times to present.

Stone Fence Driving Tours

The amazing stone fences that lace the farms and pastureland of Clark County have a fascinating history to go along with their visual appeal. Built according to methods brought to the area by Scottish immigrants in the 1700’s and 1800’s, the fences came to be associated with African American stonemasons, who made their own contributions to the construction technique. Learn how to spot the differences in turnpike, plantation, and edge-type fences.

Download the Stone Fence Driving Tour guide.

Winchester Cemetery Tours

Rich in history and tranquil beauty, the cemetery encompasses the story of our 200-year-old community through those who have been memorialized within its grounds.

Download the Cemetery Tour guide.