Ale-8-One Virtual Tour

Welcome to Ale-8-One’s virtual tour. Navigate each photo below to learn more about historic Ale-8-One, Kentucky’s oldest original soft drink. Of course, we invite you to visit our in-person facilities to fully experience the unique process of creating this original Kentucky treasure!

As you enter our headquarters and bottling facility, be sure to take in our historic artifacts from many, many years of bottling production. Note the various aged labels and previous designs that Ale-8-One has experienced over the years.

From the very beginning, it was clear that George Lee Wainscott was driven by an independent ambition. His pioneering spirit led him to establish a soft drink company in 1902 after laying eyes on a carbonation machine. The engineering advancement fascinated the already successful business man. Today, a bust of Mr. Wainscott proudly watches over the continuing success and heritage of our company.

Each day thousands and thousands of bottles move through our processing center. Each one is cleaned, labeled, filled, capped and prepared for shipping. Our facility is fully automated for maximum production, delivering the delicious tasting soda throughout Kentucky and beyond.

Through efficient automation and precision technology, thousands of bottle move through the production process. Each one receiving a label that denotes its specific flavor before moving on for filling and capping.

After each bottle is labeled, filled, and capped they are packaged together in an efficient and easy-to-handle carton of six. From there, they move on to the final shipping area.

Large tanks are used to house our “secret sauce” before it’s mixed with other important ingredients during the processing stage. This ginger inspired recipe — founded by George Lee Wainscott is the key to this delicious soda loved by so many across Kentucky and beyond.

After the bottles are labeled, filled, capped, and packaged into convenient cartons, they move to the final step of the production process where they are loaded onto pallets, wrapped for security and load to one of our many delivery trucks. Next stop… your local gas station, restaurant or grocery store!

Ale-8-One is so much more than a refreshing soda. Today, you can find the delicious blend used in recipes, salsa, sauces, and other mixed drink recipes.

Finally, the last stop of our tour! Before you leave, make sure to visit our store to pick up all of your custom branded Ale-8-One merchandise. From shirts and hats to coozies and bowties, we have everything you need to commemorate this amazing Kentucky original. And, be sure to grab a cold bottle before leaving. As you can see, they are only 50 cents when visiting us. Now, that’s a cool deal!