Ale-8-One has a new summer soda flavor. We had people try it. Here’s what they said.


UPDATED MAY 23, 2022 11:42 AM

Kentucky-based soft drink company Ale-8-One announced recently the arrival of a limited-edition flavor. The new Blackberry Ale-8-One will officially be on sale beginning Memorial Day weekend, according to a news release. The latest flavor from the Winchester-based company that began in 1926 and has a cult-like followingcomes after Orange Cream was also sold as a limited release in 2021 and then put into full production, joining another fruity flavor, Cherry.

“It is (a) crisp, refreshing blend (of) our secret Ale-8-One recipe with a flavor of fresh, ripened blackberries that will remind you of summer blackberry picking in the Bluegrass,” Sheila Frye, a market development specialist for Ale-8-One, said.

But how does the new Blackberry Ale-8-One taste? We took a case to the streets of Lexington, and those who reviewed it had an overall positive reaction to the new flavor. “It’s very good,” said one person. “The blackberry is not too overpowering, like, sometimes you can get a blackberry that has, like, that medicine taste afterwards.” One taster likened the flavor to a less fizzy Clearly Canadian sparkling water beverage. “It’s got a nice viscosity to it,” he said after trying it. “I could tell it was blackberry without even looking at it so that’s cool. Yeah, it’s good.”


The Blackberry Ale-8-One is available in four-packs for $2.99 in Lexington and $3.29 in areas outside the Lexington market, Frye said. The blackberry-flavored beverage will be available for purchase until supplies run out, Frye said. Stores that will sell the drink include Kroger, Walmart and Meijer in Louisville, Cincinnati, Pikeville, Bowling Green and most parts of western Kentucky.

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