Celebrating Halloween at home this year? Good. Now whip up one of these ghoulish beverages

Kirby AdamsLouisville Courier Journal

As Halloween approaches, you may be asking if it’s safe to celebrate the holiday in the traditional way or if you should be finding alternatives to toast the spooky season.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that most traditional Halloween activities, such as costume parties and door-to-door trick-or-treating, are considered high risk. But we can still celebrate Halloween safely while socializing with a few of our quarantine friends. 

The founder of the Louisville-based The Mocktail Project, Jesse Hawkins, has whipped up a couple of nonalcoholic concoctions to enjoy safely at home. Plus we gathered up a few other non and alcoholic favorites from local mixologists perfect for the fall. 

So drink these ghoulish brews from the safety of your home to capture the “spirit” of Halloween.

Kentucky Gingered Pumpkin Ale 

1 serving. Source: Jesse Hawkins, The Mocktail Project

  • 1 and- ½-ounces REAL Mixers Pumpkin Reàl 
  • 1 ounce REAL Mixers Orgeat 
  • 1/2 ounce  fresh-squeezed lemon juice 
  • 4 ounces Original Ale-8-One
  • Garnish with a lemon wedge 

Combine the first three ingredients in a shaker with light ice. Shake and pour over ice into serving glass, add Ale-8-One and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

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