Clark County sees increase in tourism, asks for caution in summer travels

by WDKY News StaffSaturday, July 18th 2020

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WDKY) – — If you have recently cancelled a trip to a hot tourist destination because of COVID-19, finding an adventure close to home might be your next option.

Clark County, Winchester Tourism Director Nancy Turner says when the pandemic made its way to the bluegrass it ended their run for a record breaking season of tourists. Since then, vacations have been cancelled and more Kentuckians are starting to get out and see what else is on the table.

“The visitor research shows that visitors are planning to travel,” Turner told WKYT’s Nick Oliver. “They are not comfortable taking a lot of transit systems, but they are willing to drive and drive further distances.”

Turner says the increase has been seen in the county and is hopeful it will remain as uncertainty with the growing number of cases loom. She says the pandemic has provided numbers that show nothing to brag about, but now is showing something the public should feel good seeing.

“Growth is growth,” said Turner. “We are grateful to see some folks traveling and staying in Winchester.”

Winchester was hit hard when the tough decisions was made to cancel the Beer Cheese Festival and the Daniel Boone Pioneer Festival later this fall — both events drawing thousands to the small town. However, Turner is seeing new numbers in small business and visits to popular spots like the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro.

As Kentuckians know, COVID-19 can’t be ignored. It’s the reason Turner is asking the public to think when traveling to other communities.

“I think that wearing a mask not only provides confidence to the traveler but it also provides confidence to the small businesses which are receiving that traveler and also citizens in the community,” said Turner.

She encourages others to reach out to their local tourism commission for ideas on the next Kentucky adventure.